Recent Work and Awards

Cover and Promotional Poster Illustrator for Slidell Magazine's August 2018 Issue in collaboration with the City of Slidell's "White Linen Night" event. 

Cover Illustrator for Slidell Magazine's special December 2017 Issue

Editorial Artist and Monthly Illustrator for Antigravity's, a New Orleans based magazine, column: Writing for Two

Merit Award for the 48th Annual National River Road Show hosted by the Art Guild of Louisiana

Concept Designer and Illustrator for WGN’s “Underground” title sequence while at Imaginary Forces, New York 2015


Represented by Inky Illustration Agency

Victoria Samantha Allen

I was told to always listen to what people have to teach you, but then to find out, from the plethora of what you have learned, what is actually beneficial to you and remember that.  You have to find your own voice- your own ‘style’, as it is called in art. ‘Style’ has always been that enigmatic goal I think all artists aim for, and I think it is easily mistaken for something that can be taught, when in all actuality, it is something that must be discovered.  I believe style is something that grows with us naturally, and changes just as easily. My voice- my style- is not just the medium or the way I work, but the way I draw- the way I put pencil to paper.  And I know, that if I always remain true to that, I will never make bad art.

I want to create and showcase a body of work that is enticing, smart, sexy, elegant, unexpected, creative, highly original to me, and able to be enjoyed by and inspire a wide audience.


After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2015 with a BFA in Illustration, Victoria returned home; which is just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana.

She draws her inspiration from the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of where she lives, and her love of art in every shape and form. Her classic english heritage reminds her to always appreciate the flowers.

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